I know that the poll hasn't been working recently, but I've fixed it and it's been running for 4 days already. 3 days left to vote, and Android's winning! So go vote for your favorite Mobile Phone OS!

Give Chrome

Annoyed by some Firefox or IE user? Give the gift of a faster browser, Google Chrome, for the Holidays. will help you with that. Wrap it in your favorite theme, and put it under their virtual tree. It's the best online gift you can give... and it's free! Post your recipients' reactions in the comments!

Norad Santa Tracking

Well, for those of you who didn't see Santa last night, I'll give you this link for next year: You can track Santa with Google Earth footage and 3D Animated Santa. Then, he takes his laser gun. Delivers about 100 gifts per second. Impressive! Check it out next year!

HTC Pro 7 to be released in Janruary

On a German website 02, it was said that the HTC 7 Pro will be available early next year, and now say that it's expected to launch in January for Europe. I'm not very fond of WP7 (Windows Phone 7), but I quite like some of the Android HTC phones. The hardware doesn't look too bad, and the phone itself is looking pretty nice, but its running WP7, which means I won't be buying it unless Android is hacked onto it. Well, I hope those Android hackers do get Android onto that nice-looking device!
Again, Merry Christmas!

Skype bring video calling to iPhone

Well, looks like engadget got some interesting news in their inbox this morning. Engadget says that they recieved an email from Skype with a help document on how to enable video calling on the iPhone. Skype later removed this. But, Engadget says that " was there, we swear!". Hopefully this will come for Android soon! Skype is participating in something called "Video Calling is Ready for Primetime", so everyone's guessing it's probably going to announce this. As you know, I'm not much of a fan of Apple, but I'm reporting this because you need to watch "your" competitors closely, and because I think Video Calling for Android is on its way! Merry Christmas!

Nexus S (Rumored Nexus 2)

I'm quite a bit late on this news, I've been busy. The Nexus S, the successor to Nexus 1, was released. It runs Gingerbread, the latest Android version (2.3). It was made by Samsung, so it is pretty much another Galaxy S phone. One feature that makes this smartphone different that all the other is the fact that the screen is curved. That's right, the screen is curved, and called a "contour screen". It feels pretty nice against your ear! It's got a front facing VGA camera too! Looks like this phone could stand up pretty well to the iPhone 4! Apple has the Retina Display, and Google has the Contour display. This phone will almost certainly be the phone that Google uses to show off anything about Android, as was Nexus 1. Post in the comments if you have this awesome Android-powered device!

Top 10 Chrome Web Apps

I know that it's been a while since I last posted; I've been very busy. Lots of things have happened: the Chrome Event on December 7th with the testing of the Chrome Laptops and the Chrome web store has opened. To sum up December 7th, Google talked about Chrome, and announced the CR-48 laptop: It runs Chrome OS! It's not for sale, but you can register for the test pilot program, which is free. Also, the Chrome Web Store opened, and lots of web apps came out: they are pretty much shortcuts to websites. Here's a list of my top 10 web apps:
1. Gmail You just have to have Gmail
2. Super Mario Bros. Crossover  Well, that's what you do in your free time
3. Ping Pong 3D a fun but challenging game of ping pong
4. Chain Reaction You set a ball in place, and it expands, which triggers anything touching it. Very addicting
5. Solve a Cypher Perfect for a long time stuck with your computer
6. Pixlr Editor Pretty much like Photoshop. Online. Free
7. World of Solitaire Solitaire. That speaks for itself
8. Shredder Chess That speaks for itself as well
9. Fish Eater You're a small fish that eats small fish. You get bigger. You eat bigger fish. It's fun.
10. Zoho Writer The most complete online Word Processor

Post any apps you like in the comments!

GingerBread confirmed Android 2.3

An Open Handset Alliance member has confirmed that the next release of Android, Gingerbread, will in fact be Android 2.3. Nexus One will be getting an update to Gingerbread soon. Good news for all Android fans!

Theme Creator for Chrome

Do you use Google Chrome? Well you should, it's the fastest, safest, nicest-looking, and screenspace efficient browser out there. I think if you don't use it, you should at least give it  try. Try it here. If you do use chrome, you really should take advantage of themes and extensions, to make it look good for your taste, and expand the functionality for your needs. Try extensions and themes here. Now, if you're already taken advantage of this, you might have thought about making your own theme, as many people have. It takes some programming experience to do this, but if you want to do it without programming experience, than this theme creator is for you. You create great looking themes in minutes, no download required, it's easy, and it's free. I'm excited to see what you can come up with, so share your themes with me, at Or comment, if you want.

LG Android Tablet

This isn't an official announcement, but LG has said that it will not release any Froyo tablets. We assume they will wait until honeycomb, and we think they're working on an 8.9 inch tablet. What do you think?

$500 Reward for Google's Mistakes

Google is now paying anyone who can find security vulnerabilities in any of Google's major sites. You get paid for hacking Google! How awesome is that?!

Dell Buys Boomi

Dell, the computer manufacturer, has announced that it will buy Boomi, a cloud computing company. Who knows where Dell will go with this? They might have some features preinstalled on their laptops, or they might have a choice of a Windows laptop and some kind of Dell OS laptop. We'll wait and see!

Google's Contest

Geo-Tagging your photos in Picasa is easy. Now, Google is starting a contest for Geo-Tagged photos. Submit your photos to Panoramio, and win a GPS camera!

HTML5 Tests

Wow! The 1st official HTML5 test are done, and surprisingly, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is in the lead, though not by far. Internet Explorer is considered the worst browser in speed and new technology. Looks like Microsoft is making a comeback, because most of the time it is Google Chrome that's crowned the king of Browsers. Check it out here.

Wireless Power

Aska Electron, the maker of many wireless chargers such as the powermat, has come to a prototype that can wirelessly charge devices, as well as transfer wireless data, at a fast speed of up to 120 Mbps. If this technology succeeds, we could end up with devices with no ports at all, which would make them waterproof if they had all touch-screen.

The Entire State of NY goes Google

The whole state of New York has gone Google, now including NYU. Previously, the government and schools went Google, but now the entire state has joined the cloud. I hope more states join the cloud, as it is more efficient and technologically advanced.

Droid 2 Price Falls, and Nexus 2 Rumors Arise

As you already know, Android is my favorite phone OS. The Droid 2, which is the successor to the original Motorola Droid, had it's price with contract lowered on the Verizon website. This hints that the Droid 2 Global edition might cost around $200. Nexus Two, Nexus One's successor, has a lot of rumors about it, and some say it will be announced at the November 8th Press Conference. Gizmodo claims that their friend got one to play with, and Gingerbread, the next generation Android, is still really buggy. No one is sure whether the next generation Android is Gingerbread or Honeycomb. Rumors also say that Nexus Two will be a Samsung product.

A little about myself

Hey everyone! This is my first post, so no news yet, I'll just say a little about myself. I really love computers and smartphones, and I'm learning a bit of programming. My favorite OS is Windows 7, favorite browser is Google Chrome, and my favorite company is Google. One of my favorite blogs is, you should really check it out. I hope you like my blog, and I'll provide my email under the view full profile page.

UPDATE: I also love Android Smartphones!