Verizon Gets the iPhone

Yes, I know I'm late. You've probably already heard, but I don't want to be the only tech blog that didn't cover this. Verizon got the iPhone. Do they deserve it? Well, that's an opinion. Before going to At&t with the iPhone, Apple actually asked Verizon to be its carrier. As smartphones were new and Verizon didn't want to take chances, they said no. The iPhone then blasted off with At&t behind it, and Verizon realized that not getting the iPhone was a big mistake. Well, it looks like in the future, Android will actually overtake the iPhone, and Verizon has by far the most Android phones of any carrier. So, clearly, Verizon understood its mistake, and stocked up on high-end Androids, many of which, in my opinion, beat the iPhone. Verizon never did take its eye off of the iPhone, and as At&t's contract with Apple came to an end, Verizon wanted it. They got it. So, after reading this story, you're probably asking why I care. Well, not only I care because I follow "my" competitors, but because this is a big deal for Android. Verizon is Android's biggest carrier. It will get probably 6 million iPhone users transferred to it. Many people initially chose Android because it had Verizon behind it. This is a test of loyalty for Android users: now that they have the iPhone on their favorite network too, will they switch to iPhone or stay with Android? We will soon find out with Android's market share reports for the next few months.

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